Tuesday, November 30, 2010

【I ♥ Blog 7】29:OFF

I wish that I am a computer sometimes.
I can just turn off and reboot in an instance.
I would have no feelings,
I would be emotionally free.
I can hibernate for eternity,
and wake up (just for Christmas).

I would not need to memorize anything,
as my RAM is ample.

I would not have to worry about money or food.
I only need to worry about my power adapter is charged or not.

The best part of it, though,
is watching all of you Computer Science humans creating GUIs for me.
(evil smirk)

(CPSC211 is such a pain in the neck)


  1. so what turns you on ;) hehehehe

  2. hahahaha
    partially reading through i'm already thinking
    "that's such a computer science thing to say"

  3. andy, that would be the power button ;)

    marzie, i bet ashi is thinking the same thing too.. hahahaha.

  4. interesting project~ =]
    r u in CS now? u sound like one hahaha

  5. K冷:this project took so long to finish, made with java.
    right now in second year.. feel so nerdy when i talk about programming and coding. :P

  6. 211 project omg
    finally done!!!!