Sunday, November 21, 2010

【I ♥ Blog 7】20:Self-Discovery

We are merely projections of ourselves,
and people see us through their own perception.

The truth is,
I may not be what you think I am.

I am just an image of how you interpret me to be,
and how I project myself.

So, the question is,
Who am I?

I don't really know myself either,
but unless I tell you what I am directly,
the rest is all defined by you.

That being said,
we learn about who we are through other people.
Their lenses let you discover yourself little by little.

Who am I?
I'll leave it to all of you guys to decide.


  1. You're a shy boy with a burning heart.
    That's what I think. Aha (:

  2. geeeeez... so that was the point u tried to make over the burger + fries?