Monday, November 8, 2010

【I ♥ Blog 7】8:Once Upon a Time

The Sea became too polluted for fish to live.
Bikini Bottom was not safe for Spongebob and his friends anymore.

The Corals, the Jellyfish Fields, and the Krusty Krab all fell apart with intense amount of ammonium and carbon dioxide invading the Deep Sea.

They needed a way to survive.
No matter what.
Even if it means to go on Land to meet the Humans.

Spongebob, being the bravest amongst the bunch, decided to go onshore first.
However, being the carefree character that he is, he realized he spent all his salary from Mr. Krabs in New York the first day.
All hope was lost, but Spongebob did not give up. He knew he was a popular guy where English is spoken. So, he arrived at Times Square, and started carrying a bag that reads "Tips".

我果然是沒有浪漫的細胞 = =)


  1. spongebob! he's so funny :) he has such innocent eyes~

  2. ohhh I love this story!!! so creative and way to funny!! XD

  3. LOL I already started laughing at the second pic..
    and the third one..hahaha 好落魄的 spongebob, 好可憐 /_\

    是說真的覺得 ivan 你內心有住著一個 kuso 魂來者,
    好好發揮啊!! XDD
    like ur posts!

  4. 你男人的浪漫到哪去了!?!?!? hah jk this is great XD

  5. 這就是.....所謂