Friday, November 5, 2010

【I ♥ Blog 7】4:Classic

hehe. 因為主題是「經典/Classic」嘛,還有,for English readers! (Yay)

Believe or not, I used to be petrified by RPG video games.

I don't know why, but when I saw my brother fighting an epic 16-bit battle on SNES, I used to be amused and horrified at the same time.

I even imagined there used to be an actual virtual world (if that makes any sense), where Bowser and Ganondorf and other heinous villains live and thrive. While they're "off-duty" (not playing their roles appearing on the TV screen), they would devise their super secret evil plans and invade our world.

These thoughts normally make me sleepless, and I would shut my door tight and pile my toys in front of it so that no one could creep into my room (not even my concerned mother).

As I grow older, I realized I should face my "fear". The first RPG I ever played was something with Harry Potter in it, on a computer. Boy, the only thing I remembered was turning off the computer really compulsively so that Voldemort would not fly out of the monitor and use Avada Kedavra on me.

I guess I have become braver. When I tried turning on the SNES today, I was surprisingly calm and collected. Yup, the pixelated games are so classic they even look cute to me with those funky electronic music.

... but wait 'till you see me play L4D.


  1. wow you still have you SNES handy eh~ Mine is probably long gone...

  2. There's something about these games that are so thrilling yet frightening. I guess being scared is a healthy thing :T

    Oh, and if you ever come across Voldemort.
    Just take a pencil and yell "Expelliarmus" at him.
    I think.. that should do the trick. c: